Mizar Eridanus Limited is an indigenous company that aims primarily at changing the face of Africa. With the end in mind, Mizar Eridanus  intends to deliver her long-term planned agenda by implementing a thorough framework that will seamlessly integrate strategy with tactical and operational rollouts. In-depth research, the base which all frameworks will be premised upon, will provide the fundamental structure to serve as the wheels on which the company spins. The continuous goal at ME is to turn Africa into a hub of business, commerce and industry (mission).

Mizar Eridanus Limited is registered in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) under the Companies and Allied Matters Acts, CAP C20, 2004.

Whilst the culture at ME is premised on a number of global working standards and human right ethics code, the people at ME remain our greatest assets as we ensure their very interest is protected to the last detail.

The ME Group oversees the business operations of all her subsidiaries and monitors their individual and collective progress ensuring they are in line with the company’s long term goals