Our CSR Culture


With a company’s success, responsibility tends towards owing the community that plays host to the company’s operation. Mizar Eridanus Limited, realizing the aforementioned responsibility as an obligation tied to her corporate purpose and existence, has incorporated the CSR culture into the company’s organizational structure.

In this light, on a quarterly basis, ME allocates a certain % of her profits to carrying out projects in communities that play host to any and all of her business outfits. This allocation is reviewed on an annual basis at the end of the company’s financial year. Some of the activities contained in our CSR Culture and Corporate Philanthropy lifestyle include, but are not limited to the following;

  • Provides helpful materials to charity homes and neighbouring high schools
  • Providing basic amenities creating a decay in a host-community’s developmental infrastructure like public toilets, library/laboratories for public schools, good roads, alternative energy, street lightening etc
  • Sponsoring individuals in host-communities into programmes in ME Institutions

We intend to extend this gesture across the cities we operate in as we continue to expand our operational base and profit margin across multiple economies