ME Agriculture represents one of the subsidiaries of ME Limited operating as the company’s business outfit in the Agriculture sector of the nation’s economy. ME Agriculture aims at becoming the leading player in Africa’s agriculture industry, expanding the frontiers of agriculture through research, development and innovation. The major areas of focus for ME Agriculture are cash and food crops, animal husbandry, and sustainable / renewable energy via agricultural sources (ecosystems).


There are two (2) active projects under the purview of the Agriculture Business subsidiary of ME;


Situated on a 2.83 hectares land-size, the farming project is the pilot project in the Company’s farming operations. The Project is specifically designed for Land Cultivation and the Project is currently in PROGRESS


To be situated on a hectare land-size, the farming project is an aquaculture farm with a stock-load of 2000 juvenile stock and a monthly increment of 500 on a geometric scale till the farm size scales up into a mega size of about 30,000 – 50,000 within the first 18 months of operations. This project has just COMMENCED