ME Institutions represents one of the subsidiaries of ME Limited operating as the company’s impacting outfit in the Education sector of the nation’s economy. ME Institutions emerged in the overall framework of Mizar Eridanus Limited out of the need to repair the decay in the institutional growth of the country. The need to ensure that quality and standardized educational impacts are delivered to citizens of the country with no class boundaries cannot be overemphasized. To ensure the aforementioned, ME Institutions has been identified as a CSR channel for Mizar Eridanus Limited. This is necessary to ensure that education can be provided all without barriers. To this end, ME Institutions aims to create an atmosphere of excellence that will rub off on the people through quality and standardized education delivery in the most ideal learning environment. ME Institutions areas of focus are Skills Acquisition Centres (SACs), Primary and Secondary Institutions, Art & Science Institutions as well as Entrepreneurial Training Centres.


There are no active projects at this time.