ME Energy represents one of the subsidiaries of ME Limited operating as the company’s business outfit in the Power and Oil & Gas sectors of the nation’s economy. ME Energy aims to provide Africa with the best in the oil service industry, catering adequately for all participating factors; nature, land and the people. Also, ME Energy intends to contribute to the national agenda on Power by setting up IPPs to increase the generating capacity of the country’s power status. The major areas of focus for ME Energy under the Oil & Gas sector are Upstream (Exploration & Extraction), Midstream (Refining / Processing, Transporting (Tankers & Pipelines), Storage) and Downstream (Marketing (Pump Stations) AND under the Power sector will be generation and power investment magnetization.


There are currently three (3) on-going deals in the Oil & Gas sub-division of ME Energy. Owing to the totally non-disclosure policy on these deals, details on these deals are withheld for the time being.