Mizar Eridanus Energy, a subsidiary of Mizar Eridanus Group incorporated in 2014 under the Companies and Allied Act of Act2007 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to carry on the business of general energy on commercial and private basis. Mizar Eridanus Energy has therefore chosen to commit its resources to the establishment of a 25,000 mpd refinery in Namibia with further interests in Marginal fields across Africa.
The decision to establish a 25,000 mpd modular refinery in Namibia was concluded after a careful and detailed preliminary survey was conducted by our project partners in Namibia. Recently, the government and state officials of Namibia through an aggressive campaign are engaging private investors to invest in the oil sector of the economy in Namibia since the discovery of oil. Namibia with no refining capacity therefore imports all her refined oil products from South Africa.

The Refinery will be setup in Erongo Region between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay on Bakersville new town development 12km away from sea level/sea port. Namibia uses about 1,350,800,000 (1.35Billion liters of Fuel per year).

High Care International Investments (Pty) Ltd (HCII) has been nominated to join the ambitious 25000bpd Namibia Refinery Project as a vital and strategic partner to achieve the total success of this project. Directed by Mr. Gabriel Emvula together with his team, they contribute a combination of over 20 years of experience in the engineering marketing and stakeholder relationships in the fuel sector.

HCII with its subsidiary Blue Sea Trading have pledged the use of their Wholesale License in this project, which will position the project to import fuel related products as per the Energy Act of 2000 in Namibia, therefore securing without any challenges all the activities in up & downstream services, from crude to final product marketing on bulk basis.

As the team on the ground and having worked with A1V2 engineering company on the soon to be commissioned NAMCOR fuel storage in Walvis Bay, Namibia. HCII will ensure to administer together with the relevant stakeholders such as The Ministry of Mines and Energy (Minister and Energy Commissioner), Local Authorities, Ministry of Environment, NAMCOR, National Planning Commission, Bank of Namibia, Political Secretary General and its top four structures etc, inclusive of JV partners in the engineering field.
Having Namibia as a logistical hub for land-locked countries such Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, DRC and other interested States puts the project at an advantage location wise as the refinery will be able to supply Botswana, and other neighbouring SADC countries, such as DRC, Zimbabwe and Zambia.