Mizar Eridanus undertakes the responsibility of ensuring that petroleum products of the highest standard and quality in the industry; particularly jet fuels and various types of diesel products are readily available to our clients worldwide. Not excluding clients who are merely seeking expert advice or an official quote; we are committed to being your primary choice for your essential Petrochemical necessities and our scope of business cuts across Middle East, Asia, North America, South America, Africa, USA, China and Europe.

  • We are an indigenous company, established in Nigeria under the Company and Allied Act of 2007 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. However, from inception we have looked beyond our national boundaries and adopted a global operations system with plans to influence our local communities. We believe in negotiations, transparency and sharing of skills as we intend to grow in tandem with the people who work with us on our quest to change the face of Africa.
  • We seek for opportunities across regions where there is value, combining our business operations with projects that supports our local environment. We believe in integration, sharing of skills and distribution of commodities that creates development for all parties


  • We are a global brand established to change the face of Africa.


  • We are a trading company. We are working to create a channel where large commodities can be accessed efficiently with scheduled delivery date. Our work is based on innovation, insight and information on our strength and professionalism. We believe in the value of long term partnerships with our clients, investors and relevant authorities.
    Company Strategy
  • After successfully completing the registration of the company, our strategies and administrative processes have been formed, reviewed and outlined. Mizar Eridanus Trading SA will be focused on the supply of energy products (diesel, crude, PMS, gasoline, jet fuel) to our clients across the world.