Mizar Eridanus Group (Limited) is an emerging conglomerate.
Mizar Eridanus delivers her long-term planned agenda with a lean and agile structure which supports its strategic intents of becoming the leading player in trade, commerce and technology industries across Africa with the goal of changing the face of Africa.

The ME Group is registered with the Affairs Commission (CAC) under the Companies
Allied Matters Acts, CAP C20, 2004. Whilst the culture at ME is premised on a number of global working standards and human right ethics code, the people at ME pride herself in ensuring their core focus is directed at overseeing the business operations of all her subsidiaries and monitoring their individual and collective progress and ensuring that the processes involved are carried out excellently.

Our Products


Mizar Eridanus Energy, a subsidiary of Mizar Eridanus Group incorporated in 2014 under the Companies and Allied Act of Act2007 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to carry on the business of general energy on commercial and private basis. more…

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

With a wealth of experience and a strong distribution network in brand management and local/international markets, we produce and distribute quality products such as SMISHES and Diamond Wine. more…

Real Estates

ME Properties aim to provide Africa with affordable, durable and quality housing, cutting across culture.
The major area of focus under this business subsidiary will be renovation & construction, land acquisitions & development, housing and office spaces as well as leisure buildings and monuments.


Mizar Eridanus undertakes the responsibility of ensuring that petroleum products of the highest standard and quality in the industry; particularly jet fuels and various types of diesel products are readily available to our clients worldwide. more…

Y(Our) Team

Senior Executive (Sales & Marketing Division)
Senior Executive (Business Development Division)